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2022 Ambassador: Felix Sawyer Paskett

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome smiling wearing glasses, standing in park, inset in Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Felix

Felix is a social butterfly. He talks to everyone, whether they be family, friends or random people in the street. He has a way of making everyone feel special. He also has a knack for remembering names, and the month people were born.

Felix works hard at school and enjoys reading, writing, maths and drawing. He is starting year 6 at our local community school, and has great friends there.

He is about to begin his 3rd year of Hip Hop, which is his absolute passion. His memory for the moves in his dance routines is amazing!

Felix loves all animals and has a real rapport with them. He did RDA for 5 years but more recently he's happy spending time with his dogs, cats and chooks.

He represented his school in athletics in the all-ability section of SAPSASA. He loves the camera and has recently modelled for a local nature play book, which was a fun experience for him.

Felix wants to do lots of things in the future. He'd like to be a police officer like his Dad, a firefighter like his Mum, a hairdresser, a dancer, and some days he just wants to be a unicorn ☺️

Written by Kylie, Felix's Mum

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