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Are you in a position to help us rewrite the narrative around receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis? 


We need your support to change the world one chromosome at a time. 


We're looking for sponsors to enable us to provide our much-needed campaigns, new baby gift packs, very special photo books, and to help our national community of families. 


Can you help? 


A donation of $35 can pay for the postage so we can send our very special photo book to a newly diagnosed family. 

Larger donations can support us in printing more copies of these books, which are provided to newly diagnosed families, medical practitioners, educators, schools and our partner organisations. 


Your support also means we can continue our plans for some very special events to celebrate the Trisomy 21 community in 2024. 


If you'd like to donate, you can donate via our online store here


Or contact us to discuss your options:

0437 899 285 or email 

for sponsoring projects please get in tocuch

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