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october pledge 2023


On the 1st of September 2023,  Celebrate T21 launched its fourth book project, a celebration of more than 130 Australians with Down syndrome and their families. 


A book to inspire and connect people, and also an opportunity for us to rewrite the narrative about life with Down syndrome. We're working to remove outdated stigmas about Down syndrome (also called Trisomy 21), and providing connection and support to Doctor's and families when they deliver/receive a diagnosis. 


To coincide with the launch of this very special new book (as we did with our last book in 2021)  we are inviting people to give 10 seconds of their time.

If you could record a video of yourself, family, school or business (in landscape - phone sideways) saying:


"I'm xxx from xxx, and together with Celebrate T21 we're rewriting the narrative."


We'd be very grateful. These videos will then form part of pledge during October which is Down syndrome awareness month. These videos will create a chorus of voices all helping us rewrite the narrative around Down syndrome and change the world, one chromosome at a time. 

To submit your video please text to 0437 899 285 or email here

What does it mean to 'Rewrite The Narrative?' See our 2021 lockdown submissions from various perspectives, below. 

Thanks Ambassadors 2021
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