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applications are LIVE

We are very excited to welcome families (new and returning) as we begin working on our fifth book to be launched World Down Syndrome Day 2025


We are looking for ALL ages to be in the book from pregnancy to seniors. *Limited numbers and age groups

To be guaranteed a spot simply click on the admin fee link below to pay $100 for 
the administration fee 

and fill in our application form. This must include a quote, about your family member that will be printed with your images in the book.  So have your quote ready when applying .


We will email you with a link to be added to our private Facebook group, specifically for the 2025 launch of the  book. At this time, we will also release the photographers' list to you. 

Applicants will be responsible (after receiving the list) for organising their FREE session with the photographer which may also require you to travel for that session.  

If you have a photographer that you would like to use who is not on the list, let us know so we can get in touch and send the appropriate forms.


Joining our Facebook group is essential as all of our communication will happen via the page. If you're not on Facebook, we suggest you create an account specifically for this purpose. 

There will be a minimum of SIX digital images gifted to you as part of the project. It will be at the discretion of each photographer thereafter as to being able to have the entire gallery or if you will need to pay for extra images.

Photographers will be in charge of submitting the  photos, as selected by the family. They have already completed the necessary forms to participate.

Any photos submitted to Celebrate T21 will not only be used in our book but for social media, calendars, printed materials and other campaigns we run. 


Every single one of our book participants will have the opportunity to be part of our Printathon Sponsporship for 2024. This is our main fundraiser for the production of our books and gift packs. This will go live on our website 21 May 2024 and end 21 August 2024.

The TOP 100 sponsors at the end of the *Printathon will join the walls of the gallery, so it's in your best interest to SHARE your allocated button and promote your family member or yourself if you're the person applying with Down syndrome.

These sponsorships will count towards the participants gaining entry into the Art Gallery and once the funds reach the $700 mark they will be rewarded with an enlarged a 8 x 16 inches timber float framed canvas of their page in our book AND a timber float framed 16 x 24 inches Single Canvas. 


The top sponsored participant will be given pride of place on the very first page of our 2025 book and be on the front cover! 

2nd and 3rd top sponsored people will also have the option to be on the cover of the new book (along with others selected by Celebrate T21). The photoshoot for this will take place on Friday  October 4, 2024 in Wollongong or Sydney (TBC) and you will need to make your own way to the session and accommodation, if you opt to take up this offer. 

A place of honour on the back of our 2025 book awaits for the following top 21 participants with the most sponsorship! 


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