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July 2024


How to Submit:

1) Visit our website at (End July 2024)

2) Follow the submission guidelines to upload your child's original artwork.
3)Stay tuned for updates on when your child's art will be featured in our gallery.

Together, we can create a platform that not only showcases extraordinary talent but also supports education and growth for young artists with T21. We can't wait to see the amazing artworks your family will share!

Welcome to T21 Art, the newest and most vibrant online gallery dedicated to showcasing the incredible talents of young artists with Trisomy 21 (T21). We are thrilled to invite families to be a part of this exciting journey by submitting original artworks created by family members aged 3-17 who have T21.


Your child's artwork will be professionally scanned and printed to be featured in our prestigious Art Gallery and online collection. These masterpieces will be available for purchase by family, friends, and the general public, allowing the beauty and creativity of your child's art to reach a wider audience.


Proceeds from artwork sales will directly support our comprehensive Education programs, helping to nurture and empower young individuals with T21. Additionally, a commission from each artwork sold will go back to the artist, recognising and rewarding their unique contributions.


Join us in celebrating the artistic brilliance of the T21 community. Submit your child's artwork today and let their creativity shine!



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