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Our small business is a social enterprise based in the Illawarra and operates as a community service. We have a huge network around Australia, bringing together families within the Down syndrome community, sharing their stories and inspiration.

We dream of a world where no family should feel isolated, unsupported or pressured to terminate based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

We are known for our gorgeous photo book projects and beautiful #celebratet21giftpacks which we GIFT to families receiving a pre or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Our hope is to provide all families with a new diagnosis of Down syndrome in Australia with our very special gift pack, which welcomes them into the supportive Celebrate T21 community.

Since launching in 2017, we’ve created three beautiful photo books which celebrate the lives and experiences of families who have a member with Down syndrome through wonderful photos and heartfelt stories. Our first book was published in 2018, and we published a UK version for British charity Wouldn’t Change a Thing in 2019. We are currently working on a fourth book which will be launched September 2023.

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