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Would you like to be part of something amazing? 

We are on the hunt for talented photographers to contribute to our stunning photo book project, which celebrates both individuals with Down syndrome and their families, Australia wide.

We are Celebrate T21 - a social enterprise based in the Illawarra, running a community service with a simple goal: to educate, empower and advocate for families receiving a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21 (T21). 

This will be the fourth in our series of photo books, which are gifted to newly diagnosed families as part of our work to provide support and share the inspirational stories of people living with Down syndrome.


We dream of a world where no family should feel isolated, unsupported or pressured to terminate based on a Down syndrome diagnosis. 

We rely on volunteer contributions from photographers around the country to make these books possible. Not only will you be helping a very special cause, but you’ll also benefit from the exposure provided through promotion in the book and throughout our extensive Celebrate T21 network. 






We only have 150 places in our book for families.


The application fee link and application form will go LIVE at 7:30pm Saturday 21st May.



Pay your $60 administration fee  and keep a copy of your order number as you will need to add this to your application form



Fill in the application form ASAP and: 

  • have your order number ready

  • please use the same names and emails as used for the order

  • have your quote ready to add. MAX of 3 sentences. Please see our book pages tab for examples. 


Once the applications close 21/6/22 or if sold prior,  we will send you a email confirmation of your application and order being received plus a link to join the  private Facebook page. You will be given a password to join. Please be patient with us and allow for up to two weeks for an email response. 


Contact your photographer and organise your FREE photoshoot. *A list of approved photographers will be given to you when your application is confirmed. If you don't have one on our list in your area, we will organise this for you. 





Every applicant will have a sponsorship button and the opportunity to work towards getting the higest sponsorship so that in addition to being in the book, they can be in our TOP 100 Art Gallery and also the chance to claim TOP spot, TOP 3 and/or TOP 21 prizes.  *Please advise via email if you do not wish to have a sponsorship button and therefore, also forfeit the opportunity to be in the Art Gallery.

This will launch on the 1 July 2022 and close on the 31 August 2022. The sponsor buttons will be in our online shop under 'PRINTATHON' with your first and last name displayed. *Please keep in mind we are a social enterprise and therefore, you will not be able to claim your sponsorship at tax time. 

You will be notified within the PRIVATE Facebook group of how you are tracking with your sponsorship amounts on a weekly basis. The key to getting sponsorship is SHARE, SHARE, SHARE on your socials, some have even emailed people in the past.


Winners will be announced on Saturday 3 September, 2022 via our PRIVATE Facebook group.



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