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2022 Ambassador: Amarli Carney

Gorgeous young girl with Down syndrome smiling at the camera while in the audience for the Australian Outback Spectacular, inset into Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Amarli

Amarli is a current ambassador though in 2021 we weren't as public as we probably should of been.

Amarli is a proud Wiradjuri woman living on Darkinjung country. Our family has a strong connection to country.

She currently owns and helps run her small business Geez she’s Neat making lamps, scrunchies etc using indigenous prints.

Currently her interests are Abba music and LOR films, she’s a massive action movie buff

This year she will enter year 9 at school which is also one of her favourite things to do besides travel.

She has recently travelled by plane on her own to QLD she is proud of her independence

Written by Robin, Amarli's Mum

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