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2022 Ambassador: Evalyn Trinh

Gorgeous young girl with Down syndrome in pink bluey dress and pigtails, inset in Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Evalyn

Evalyn is a fiercely independent girl who is pure magic and the light in her family. She brings joy to those around her with her cheeky personality and tenacious spirit. She loves animals and also dancing and grooving to Korean pop songs. Never one to hold back, she gives everything her all, no matter how challenging. This is a girl who is fearless and does not shy away from anything new or different. She has certainly kept her parents on their toes with her inquisitive nature and daring personality.

At two years of age, she is already creating ripples and influencing change. She is determined to show the world that having Down syndrome does not hold you back. In fact, nothing is impossible and there is no limit to what you can achieve. Evalyn was an ambassador for Celebrate T21 last year. She would like to do it again this year to help spread the message that having Down syndrome is nothing to be feared.

Written by Quyen, Evalyn's Mum

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