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2022 Ambassador: Freja Rose Whittingham

Gorgeous young girl with Down syndrome wearing blue Celebrate T21 shirt with her name on it smiling at the camera, inset in Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Freja

Freja (pronounced Fre-ya) was born in Buckinghamshire, England just before Christmas. Entering the world 8 weeks early and needing surgery on both her bowel and heart, she was a little fighter from day one. With her lovely red hair and pale skin, we felt the name of the norse goddess of love and war was perfect for her. Coincidentally she was born on a Friday - Freyja’s day - named after the same goddess!

Moving to Sydney, Australia, two years ago was the best thing for Freja. She has blossomed in the warmer weather (wearing a hat, of course!) and loves to play outside. Picking flowers, chasing her pet chickens and playing on the swings are among her favourite things to do.

Freja also loves drawing and painting, reading books and dancing to her favourite tunes - especially when daddy is singing them! She is a born performer and loves to put on a show.

Her big sister, Eliza, is her idol and she follows her around giving her cuddles and being a cheeky little sister.

Freja is a favourite at her preschool, where her peers take such good care of her and include her in all they do. She will start Kindy in 2023, and we can’t wait for her to show everyone what she’s capable of!

Written by Monica, Freja's Mum

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