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2022 Ambassador: Marlee Hodgkinson

Gorgeous young girl with Down syndrome smiling waving at the camera riding in pram trike, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Marlee

Marlee is the most cruisy, happy go lucky little girl. She absolutely adores her big sisters and is not afraid to let them know if something doesn’t please her. She has a magnetic presence and anyone that crosses paths with her is instantly drawn and and falls in love! Her favourite things are going for a walk on her little tricycle, playing with her big sisters. She adores Bluey and loves dancing along to music in the car. We live on a big property in Central Queensland and she can’t wait to be able to go to work with Daddy as soon as she starts walking 😍

Written by Lisa, Marlee's Mum

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