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2022 Ambassador: Mason Morris

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome smiling at the camera in a jumper sitting in the park, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Mason

Mason is very cheeky like any typical child ,He has the most kindest heart and loves people although he is shy at the start it may take him a little while to warm up but once he does he just lights up a room with his beautiful smile and his funny little crazy/cheeky personality. He

Mason is the best big brother the love he has for his Baby brother Ben is so adorable, Mason is always making him laugh and even though at times it's a love hate sometimes they have such a strong little bond,it's very cute.

Mason goes to Preschool at daycare and will be starting big school next year and his baby brother Ben will be going to daycare shortly which mason is going to love.

Mason loves the wiggles and blues clues and loves watching them on his Ipad he has even worked out how to use YouTube.

Mason enjoys being outdoors he loves going for walks and playing with his rabbit Peanut(Bit) and his Dog Jazzy(Whiz), he also loves driving his Jeep around the yard.

Written by Nicole, Mason's Mum

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