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2022 Ambassador: Caius Bain

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome smiling at playground, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Caius

I never thought about having a child with a disability, but that became our reality in January 2021.

Caius is the most fun, loving, and determined little boy we know.

Caius came into the world his way and even today he continues to do everything his way.

The first couple of weeks of life was pretty tough not just for Caius, but as a family as we lost a huge part of our family ( my Dad) Caius's Grandad 2 days after Caius was born. Luckily one of last moments I had with my Dad on the phone was sharing the good news that Caius was going to be ok and how beautiful he was. Unfortunately he never got to meet Caius.

Caius was eventually discharged and was kicking goals until he had to go in for his first heart surgery at 4 months old.. It was a really hard road ( 3 months stay ) as we were in and out of ICU, but fast forward to January 2022 he is doing great. Still unsure if he can have his major repair, but we just keep going and loving on our beautiful boy.

Caius is loved and pestered in equal measures by his siblings ( all 5 of them )

He is always smiling, loves his music box, play dates at the park and LOVES been tickled. Oh, I forgot to mention such a social butterfly.

He brings us so much happiness, joy, and utter pride to our lives.

We are 12 months into our journey with Caius and in the last few weeks he has learnt how to sit up, pull hair, and found his voice.

We truly believe that there is no limit to what Caius can achieve in his life and we are so excited to be a part of that adventure.

Written by Kylie, Caius' Mum

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