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2022 Ambassador: Audrey O'Connor

Gorgeous young woman with Down syndrome smiling dressed in a beautiful Frida Kahlo dress, earrings and hair style, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Audrey

Hello, my name is Audrey O’Connor and I am a young adult who is an Actress, Film maker, Writer and Advocate for people living with an Intellectual Disability. I also have Down syndrome. I am a student of Film making with Bus Stop Films at AFTRS and I study Drama with Midnight Feast at NIDA on a weekly basis.

I have worked in the Film and Production industry for more than 10years at Roadshow Films, Giant Dwarf Productions, Marvel Films and I am currently a paid intern with AFTRS. I love my life.

Storytelling is a passion of mine and I enjoy working with creative people. I am currently writing a story called 'The Ordinary Girl' and working towards turning this into a stage Production. In 2021 I was selected for a career coaching and professional development program  - Front & Centre 2022 - through Accessible Arts which will provide mentorship on how to make my dreams become a reality.

Life has not always been easy living with a disability; I have had to learn to speak up for myself and this has shown me that I can also speak up for others who feel they don't have a voice or who perhaps are not heard. Advocacy is an important part of my life and I use the many opportunities I have been given to help people understand more about the ability people with Down syndrome have when given a chance.

Written by Audrey

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