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2022 Ambassador: Henry Cohen

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome running down the path wearing a grey suit and hair in bun, inset in Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Henry

Henry is a wonderfully determined and exuberant two year old with a wicked sense of humour and an energy that can light up any room.

He is a social little guy, waving hello and goodbye to anyone he sees, blowing kisses along the way.

Henry loves cars, animals, and anything to do with water play. He loves playing in nature and spending time with his family, especially his new baby brother, Louie.

Henry has a sparkle in him that shines so bright and his determination to meet his goals inspires everyone he meets. He is our little wonder, and we learn from him everyday!

Written by Nicola, Henry's Mum

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