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2022 Ambassador: Jamie Cooper Garner

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome smiling at the camera wearing stripe shirt, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Jamie

Jamie is a tough little guy. He has a heart condition which means he is on full time oxygen therapy but he doesn't let that get in the way of living his best life! Jamie loves going to school, playing with his older brother Ryan and our three dogs. Jamie loves Bluey, the Wiggles and Paw Patrol. He loves playing on the trampoline or splashing in water, any water he can find really. He plays with his toy kitchen and serves up a pretty awesome pizza to his family along with cups of tea and water. Jamie also loves doing puzzles. Jamie will start year 1 in 2022 and is really excited about it.

Written by Natalie, Jamie's Mum

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