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2022 Ambassador: Luke Vincent

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome smiling at the camera, wearing a dress shirt and holding a reindeer, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Luke

Luke is living life large filled with lots of love, laughs, never ending energy and music. He loves to be on the swing, trampoline, jumping into the pool, bouncing a ball, riding his scooter or helping Dad outside with the mower, whipper snipper or clearing the leaves with his mini blow vacuum. Luke is proud of his Wiradjuri culture and has a deep connection to country and loves to hear the Didgeridoo. Famously well known for hugging Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan in 2018 when they came to Dubbo Airport. He absolutely loves the Wiggles and listening to their music and his dream would be to meet them or dance in one of their videos as he has on the ABC TV ads in 2016.

Written by Danielle, Luke's carer

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