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2022 Ambassador: Mackenzie Murphy

Gorgeous young girl with Down syndrome looking up at the camera kneeling down on the floor in a yellow shirt, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a happy and strong little 4 year old who loves to play house with her dolls, chase her big brother, dance to her favourite songs and make friends. Mighty Mack, as she's referred to, is quite fitting since she just finished her 2.5 year fight with leukemia in October 2021. She had quite a few challenges along the way: 8 staph infections, MRSA, osteomyelitis, neuropathy, extra therapies and a 3rd degree burn on her foot. She has conquered more than most 4 year olds but she doesn't let her bring her down. She aims to bring a smile to every face and loves to laugh!

Written by Lauren, Mackenzie's Mum

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