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2022 Ambassador: Mason Colin McTackett

Handsome young boy with Down syndrome wearing dress shirt in field, inset in a Celebrate T21 Ambassador logo
2022 Celebrate T21 Ambassador Mason

Mason had a hard start to life, but he has taken everything he’s been through in his stride. He has a bubbly, hilarious personality. He is the strongest little boy I’ve ever met, he has overcome so many battles with his health in his short life and defied the odds time and time again.

Mason has a little sister Willow-Rose who he loves dearly. They are inseparable. They have both taught each other so much and watching them both thrive with each other is amazing.

Mason loves cuddles and kisses. His favourite toys are balls and empty bottles. He is obsessed with the Wiggles, and love any type of music. He loves hands and doing anything songs with hand gestures. He loves to throw things as hard and far as he can. He is always smiling, and majority of the time he is so happy.

My dream for Mason is to continue defying odds, to thrive physically, emotionally and medically; to have every opportunity to succeed, to be fulfilled in life, and to happy.

Written by Elise, Mason's Mum

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