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Letters to Me: Dear Jean

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Letter to myself at diagnosis.

This moment is raw, I know that. Those ugly thoughts you’re having, don’t worry, they’re fleeting. This suffocating grief is actually cleaning out debris from your life to lay an even stronger foundation of love. Those two little girls happily watching TV in the loungeroom, they will know this love too, they will make you proud.

Nothing about this pregnancy has been like the others, first the surprise of seeing twins on the ultrasound, and now an unexpected diagnosis. I know in this moment you can’t visualise the future, everything you imagined has been shattered with one phone call; but let me tell you, though there will be times of tears, frustration, and loneliness, they will be tempered by some of the best moments of your life - not despite this diagnosis…but because of it. I really mean that. It only gets better from here. Those two little munchkins coming your way will bring the crazy and the wonderful. Sometimes you even compete with your husband for who gets to proudly push the pram out in public. You will want to show him off because his smile and spirit are next level adorable.

There are big questions to be asked. What makes a good life, a successful life? When you strip back the layers of wealth, knowledge, and power we all have the same beating heart that keeps us alive. Nurture this, the heart, its strength is in love, relationship, and community. These things make a good and successful life…and your son, he has it al

Written by Jean,

Ambassador Jesse's mum

proud mum walking with her three kids

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