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Letters to Me: Dear Katrina

Dear Trin,

Pregnant with triplets, you always knew she was going to be different. There was that feeling deep down inside, maternal instincts, when you saw her face on the monitor during those weekly scans.

You just gave birth to your three beautiful babies and a doctor comes to say, “I’m sorry, we think baby number three has Down Syndrome, we would like to take some bloods to confirm.” Why are you sorry? I’m not sorry! Three days later, there’s those words again, “I’m sorry”, then the silent pause “baby three’s results have come back positive for Down Syndrome.”

She will have a crazy start to life after heading into this world early with her sister and brother. But she is stronger than you realise. In those early days she will progress through her NICU journey until she suddenly goes into heart failure. Remember she needs you, she hears your voice and it comforts her. These will be some of the hardest days you ever come across. She will continue to fight for you, you will be emotional and scared to see her after surgery, but she’s a fighter.

The road won’t always be easy, it will be wild and bumpy at times. Your daughter will be your shining light and she will guide you down the road less travelled, just as you will guide her. She will be born into the best life with two amazing role models that she will look up to, and endeavour to navigate life just the way they do. She will watch their every move, walking, climbing, jumping and she will be right there behind them making sure she is trying her hardest to keep up with them.

She is a cheeky, mischievous, fun loving, caring two year old. But don’t let her smile fool you she can throw a good tantrum. She will also need some gentle reminders that the kitchen is not a buffet.

You were blessed with her intentionally, you have so much love to give her. She will never stop teaching you new life lessons, she will continue to challenge you but she will always love and adore you. Life would simply not be the same without her.

Written by Katrina,

Ambassador Billie's mum

proud mum cuddling with her beautiful daughter

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