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Letters to Me: Dear Jason

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A letter to myself..

15th June 2018 is a day you will receive news that your daughter has Down Syndrome. This will come as a surprise diagnosis at birth. The doctor will direct you to a room and tell you the words SORRY TO TELL YOU, BUT YOUR DAUGHTER HAS DOWN SYNDROME. Your response is going to be nothing short of absolute joy and happiness. Regardless of what she is diagnosed with, she is your daughter, your baby Coco and you will show her all the love you have. This is when you will raise your voice and show her to the world. Yes, you will come across people who will say words that are hurtful and you will not understand why but you must stay calm and collected. Your voice is going to be Coco's voice. You will begin to educate people about Down Syndrome and show them that they are human also with the same feelings and emotions as we all experience. You will be showered with love from your daughter as you will quickly find out that they are the most loving and affectionate souls. When they received that copy of the 21st chromosome, that was the one up they have on the rest of the world, INNOCENCE. Phoenix will become a teacher to her sister and Coco will aspire to be just like her. Coco will teach the whole family things never experienced before. Educate and advocate to teach others not to think twice about whether or not they should abort or not, to be embarrassed or not, to be ashamed or not. Coco will need to work harder and fight harder than most and you will be in her corner coaching her. You will soon realise that you would have 10 kids with Down Syndrome and be the happiest and proudest daddy in the world. I know I am..

Written by Jason

Ambassador Coco's Dad

Proud Dad cuddling beautiful daughter
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