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Letters to Me: Dear Kathy and Rob

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Dear Kathy and Rob 12 yrs ago

Wow congratulations on the arrival of Miss Marlie.

What a scary time it was. You had so many fears and so confused with all the information thrown at you when she was born. To be told your new baby girl has Down Syndrome was a complete shock and surprise.

You couldn’t believe what the doctors were saying and while you waited for the results your head was spinning and your mind racing.

So many questions. Fears you never said out loud. Some you did. Once diagnosis was confirmed you then got hit with another hammer that she had a hole in her heart that would need to be surgically repaired.

Would she live a normal life?

Would she live us forever?

Would she make friends and go school?

OMG she will be picked on like the kids and people with Down Syndrome did when we were at school.

All we had was those memories to go on as we did not know anyone with Down Syndrome.

It will be ok. She has had the best life. Don’t get me wrong the road ahead will be challenging, scary, have many more operations and she will make it through all of them. As will you. It will just be a different kind of normal.

You are strong and you can handle tube feeding. You can handle the many many hospital visits and operations. You will get through those times and she is a total fighter who will take it all in her stride. She will warm the hearts and brighten everyones day she meets. You needn’t have worried that she would not make it through heart surgery as you couldn't bear to lose another child.

She has made friends, she absolutely loves school, she loves being a big sister and loves her pets.

All those nights you worried and she has opened up your eyes to a whole new way in the most perfect way possible. Enjoy the good times, you will get through the tough times as will she.

Yes you can do this.

Yes you are strong enough.

Marlie will teach you more about life and love than you can ever teach her and you are very blessed to be her Mumma and Family.

See you in 12 years to check in with all the new challenges that life will bring us.

Believe in yourself…you got this.

Kathy xoxo

Written by Kathy,

Ambassador Marlie's mum

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